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Knife gate valves that are especially designed for off and isolation services. These valves consisted of the high contacted but suspended solids. These knife gate valves are necessary and beneficial to handle viscous, slurry abrasive and corrosive media. The main function of these knife gate valves includes the smoothly done work of the thick media on all soft seats without any resistance or friction. The media is chopped up as it passes on the valves. This is the main reason of knife gate valves to have low-pressure limitations and their design to make the blade into a softer seal and no disruption. These knife gate valve is also used for shutting off fluid for in an open position, and offers a complete flow in pipelines. Hence, these are silly used for fully closed or fully open positions.  

The Suppliers in Australia  

If you are looking for the slurry gate valves manufacturer in Australia who are the suppliers also then HPVL is your right spot. We offer on demand isolation of all the stagnant said systems with slurries high concentration.  The HPVL offers different medium that is manufactured in Australia and these slurry gate valves are best to use as well. We take ride y offering high quality valves for industrial domain. With the 80 years experiencing the excellence now we are sure about what we are offering? Thus, come to us if you have some business to do about the industrial point of view. We’re working with ideas that make them our asset. When it comes to the industrial tools a mum leakage r breakage can cause huge damage. You cannot spot the issues daily thus you need to work on these matters with high maintenance.  

Cost and Contact 

Keeping in mind the application you can contact us for the huge orders of slurry gate valves. You know it’s use and we are well aware of how to manufacture it. Thus be at ease, we are well aware of what we offering to our clients. Before going of any option, browse a little and tell what are you after? We will get it covered. All the prices of knife gate valves as well as slurry gate valves are competitive. These high upgraded best quality products are manufacturing under-estimate surveillance. After you place your order for slurry gate valves, this becomes our duty to offer advice deliver what is the best for our clients. 

In these 80 years, there was hardly any chance of the complaint. We take no risk at all or bare minimum risk. Thus, trusting for all your supplies and knife or slurry gate valves. Our products are of excellent quality and offers you the gratification. Thus, there is no need to get stuck when we are here to resolve your matters. We are going to share your burden. 

Usage of Valves 

These slurry gate valves are used for harsh environments. These are especially designed and best for the harsh environment to prevent the leakage and heavy blade features. Knife gate valves are especially designed for those systems that are designed for fully closed or for fully open positions. There are aim advantages of the slurry gate valves that is to cut through viscous and slurry media by a sharpen disc. 

HPVL has been working on all the aforementioned items for quite a long time now. We are the most trusted suppliers across Australia and globe. We strive to maintain the quality, low costs, and products. Safety and assurance.  By keeping in mind the understanding of the clients we are manufacturing the items. The features of these knife gate valves includes the completely lined body and corporation of gland. Self-flushing and full port design. These have non push design through seats. The slurry gate valves are thickest gates with zero leakage

We have designed the knife gat valves as in KH series build on high pressure, and best for being bi directional and this is successfully used as high density, and application of tailing. These slurry gate valves are tested before. These knife gate valves are replaceable. These are offering no or zero leakage, a full Prof Plan, extra thick gates, extremely energised packing, and the glad packing to protect scrapes.