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For Convenient, Healthy & Most Importantly Delicious Food Options!

Are you looking for healthy and delicious food options to pick up on the way? You know those days when you are so busy and cannot find time to cook healthy meals? Well, you have nothing to worry about because I am going to tell you about a company that supplies to a wide range of food wholesalers across Australia to keep you covered. 


The handmade food co. is a food manufacturer, family-owned business in Australia. This family is a bunch of foodies, and they use the finest produce from Australia to create the most delicious and fresh food. And they specialize in the handiest food item: Sandwiches! 

They have connections throughout the Australian market with a range of wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne so that their products are able to reach as many consumers as possible. And to provide their products to a list of their trusted food wholesalers, they have formulated a safe and foolproof natural freezing process that helps them deliver food that can travel 400km via wholesale food suppliers. Their natural freezing process makes sure that wherever the food reaches it is still fresh and tastes amazing. 


The Handmade Food Co. is a manufacturer of some classic Australian sandwiches like the Hand and Cheese Toastie with numerous on-trend flavours like Roast Chicken and Sriracha Bacon Ciabatta. They are a manufacturer based in Brisbane, but they deliver across Australia and to make sure they cater to the market, they have carried out extensive research of market trends to upgrade the Australian classics with innovation and ideas.  

Their mode of distribution is that they have a list of trusted wholesale food suppliers and food wholesalers that can distribute this homemade food all across the country. And for further information, you can contact the Handmade Food Co. company and they will let you know the nearest place you can find their products. The best part about buying their sandwiches, in addition to them being absolutely mouth-watering is that they use the most natural and freshest produce by local farmers in Australia. Other benefits of using The Handmade Food Co. products are: 

  • All products are consistent in prices and packaging throughout their distributed areas no matter who the wholesale food suppliers are. 
  • All products are available within the country. 
  • High focus on keeping wastage to a minimum. 
  • Inventory stocks are available so less chance of shortages. 
  • Proper labelling and nutritional quantities specified. 
  • All ingredients used are of premium quality and everything used can be sourced back to the producer 
  • Their team is always working on new product flavours.   


The Everyday Café is a range of food items curated by people with years of experience in café markets. It is a range of foods that caters to an international palate of flavours without dismissing traditional favourites. The team behind The Everyday Café works hard to provide the most delicious food products for their consumers because they aim to always provide a good and honest brand that customers can trust. A full brochure for The Everyday Café can be downloaded from The Handmade Food Co.’s website for a detailed list of products.  

Below is a list of foods that The Handmade Food Co. supply all over via their trusted wholesale food suppliers: 

  • Sandwiches – with a range of flavours like ham & cheese, roast chicken, mayonnaise etc. and with their special bread you are guaranteed to receive the freshest sandwich every time. 
  • Wraps – flavour ranges from classic to ones suited for an advanced palate. 
  • Toasties – all classic flavours available.  
  • Ciabatta – ah a Chef classic! 
  • Hot Subs – they come in a pie warmer that can keep the subs hot for up to 4 hrs. 
  • Toasties (Croque) – a consumer favourite because of their extra cheesy tops and most flavorful fillings. Can be reheated in a panini press or even an oven.  
  • Classic Turkish – the complete Turkish flavour range. 
  • Microwave-able – a perfect on-the-go meal. 
  • Croissants & Breakfast – from classic breakfast options to premium smoked bacon. 
  • Gluten-Free Products – inclusivity for all customers with the gluten-free range.  
  • Pocket Wraps – these are available in 2 exclusive flavours and are bound in Lebanese bread pockets. A classic on-the-go meal!