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All about bombers and geelong

Essendon bombers merchandise gives a very wide variety of clothes and shoes for every age especially for children. 

Basic goods: 

T- shirts, posters, stickers, home decor are essential and basic goods of Essendon bombers merchandise. They use highly independent artists to make their products. 


Essendon bombers merchandise use 100% Pure material to prepare their products as in making fleece hood for men they use 60%cotton and 40%polyester to make their product more comfortable for their users. Another quality for Essendon bombers merchandise is to make their product available in every size (from extra small to extra large). 

Services of Essendon bombers merchandise: 

Essendon bombers merchandise also gives services to. Geelong football club shop members use a wide range of products from Essendon bombers merchandise. 

Geelong football club shop:  

The Full name (Geelong football club shop limited) shows that the liability is limited for the members of club. They use the word (Cat) as nick name of the club and (pivotonians, seagulls) as a former nick name. 

Owners Details: 

President (Craig Drummond), CEO (brian cook), coach (Andrew bruce ) and captain (michelle) are important personalities of Geelong football club shop. This club compete their members in Australian football league AFL, the sports premier competition. 


On AFL they use to make their senior men to show their mastery in football. On AFLW they use to show their senior women on national level. On VFL they use to show their reserve men and on VFLW they use to show their senior women on state level. 


Geelong football club shop follow ancient professional Australian rules in their practice. Geelong football club shop was formed in 1859 . This club is second oldest club in AFL. The club members worked hard for their success but get grand final success in 1925 and won VFL premiership. This success gave their seldom semi – professional sportsmen to hit their wages. 

Current details: 

There are four current members of Geelong football club shop named as jack Collins, M Conran, jack Conway, Brian cook. And the current owner is brian cook. Now they also give dual membership option for convenience. 

Geelong football club shop membership benefits: 

They provide a very high level service to their customers involving day to day membership. They give a flexible membership in order to give convenience for everyone. They provide their official App to their members for the original information and to avoid theft and loss. Geelong football club shop take up to date information about the innovation in their business. The owner is always being fully acknowledged about global conditions and tell their staff members what to do in bad circumstances. As in Covid – 19 which thing is applicable is done by Brian cook. 

Essendon bombers merchandise:  

Essendon bombers merchandise are completely licensed Company which gave their customers a complete security coded product.  

Products to sale:  

Beanies, scarfs, socks, babies’ garments, men’s wear hoodies, women Warm jackets etc, are the important stuff to sale. Essendon bombers merchandise also manufacture athletic shoes and clothes for Geelong football club shop. Geelong football club shop’s members uniforms are widely bought by Essendon bombers merchandise. 

Way to Make products:  

Essendon bombers merchandise use their own made stickers for their T shirts. They do not buy this type of stuff from outside shops. Even they use their own fabric for clothes and for warm jackets. We can see a special logo on every cloth which specifies the quality of original shop. 

Innovation in production: 

Every year Essendon bombers merchandise make sure that their products are truly satisfying the need of their customers or those products are making them bored after same period of time. So if they see that there is a need to make something changed in their products as their color, shape or stuff then they discard the old formula and apply new things according to the new taste of people. So, by looking at those new products people are attracted more than previous old products. 

Work for the Geelong football club shop: 

Essendon bombers merchandise gave a very big service to Geelong football club shop. They make products according to the satisfaction of Geelong football club shop members. They tried hard to make things which suits the athletic environment and make their product more useful for athletes. These products also help Geelong football club shop to make their members more steadfast for their work and use those products for a long period of time